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Our Team

GGEZ is a team of 4 energetic friends and developers with a common goal and big ambitions. Our mission is to improve people's lives by creating reliable and innovative softwares. The user's satisfaction is our number one priority.

Image de Gabriel Gabriel Benoit C-nior Developer
Image de Lucas Lucas Berg Marketing Director
Image de Gaëtan Gaëtan Ramack Graphic Designer
Image de Simon Simon Loir Web Developer

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Our Project

EZ-er ˈiːzɪə(r) is a productivity app for students and people that heavily use word processing softwares. The app would help them achieve simple tasks using their smartphones.

When you carry your laptop, you don’t always carry a mouse with you but sometimes the trackpad isn’t enough. Our app aims to provide a solution to that issue. Indeed, the app will let you use the phone as a mouse using the accelerometer of your smartphone. Alternatively, you could also use the app as a trackpad if yours doesn’t work well. Furthermore, newer laptops don’t always pack a numpad, that’s why we will implement a numpad option in our app.

We will also try to add a scanning feature on the app. This feature will let the user scan a piece of paper and put the result in the clipboard of the computer connected to the app.

The app will also include a macro system. The users will be able to register sets of actions to do on their computer and they will only need to press one button to perform those actions. Furthermore, this feature will also provide the users a way to write math formulas quicker. Indeed, the app will show them a list of math characters that they can easily use in a word processing software for example. Using the same system, we will be able to create a remote for PowerPoint presentations.